Goals for the New Year



Have you made some New Year’s resolutions and set goals for the year?  I have and I find that it takes a lot of diligence to follow through.  Pursuing our dreams also requires goal setting if we are serious about attaining them.  It is the excitement and energy that comes from dreaming that fires our imagination and encourages us to keep on.  Many life stories have been written about successful people and the theme seems to be overcoming setbacks.  Setbacks or wake up calls cause us to reexamine our goals and make sure that they are worthy of pursuit.  Often there are peers who tell us our dream is impossible and to try something else.  The people that finally succeed are the ones who stick to their goals and don’t give up.  I would encourage you to do just that, as I will.


Thoughts on Falling Snow

As I see the snow falling on the huge fir tree in our backyard I think about how wonderful it is to be celebrating Christmas this year.  We will be traveling away to meet with family soon and we look forward to that very happy time.  We can catch up with new babies and toddlers.  We can learn how family members are doing and encourage the ones going through tough times.  We will be sharing a smorgasbord of offerings from everyone.  And best of all we can hug on them, love them and pray for/with them.

Playing with kids is something I really enjoy.  They always come up with thoughts and questions that I’ve never thought about.  Watching them play is so much fun.

I am hoping that your Christmas celebrations are very happy, bright and joyful.


Thoughts on the Approach of Christmas

At the end of the book, the young boy and his dog are saying evening prayers together.  Their prayers reflect my faith.  As a child I knew that Jesus loved me.  I find that most people are searching for meaning and purpose and love.  I personally looked into many faiths as a young adult before settling on Christianity because I never forgot that Jesus loved me as a child.  When I was in first grade at Vacation Bible School I made a plaque of His face decoupaged on wood and it hung over my bed for many years. 

 Are you looking for something or someone in your life?  I was until age 25.  God’s love has filled me and given me purpose and direction and now authorship of books.  Being a Christian is challenging but it is also joyful and a lot of fun.  Our family and friends have a great time together celebrating Christmas, i.e. Jesus’s birthday.  This month we will be meeting again and sharing lots of fun, gifts, food, and play with the kids.  Are you looking forward to time with the kids and grand kids, nieces and nephews this month?  There is nothing like hearing their innocent refreshing comments on things going on around them.  When I was about 6 my brother was 2 years younger and happened to see something Mom bought.  I will never forget his face as he attempted to keep a secret on a present for me.  He finally exploded, “You’re getting dishes for Christmas!”  That memory is one of my favorites.  Do you have favorite memories?  I would love to hear them.


Dreams and Future

It has been so much fun playing as a puppeteer with children in bookstores where I am doing a book signing for If I Were President. They all seem to have unique imaginations and readily come up with all kinds of ideas.

One thing I really enjoy is talking with people about their dreams and ideas for the future. That is one reason I love to do resumes. So the book reflects this interest but is also steeped in fantasy as it should be for children. They need to have fun with their learning and they remember things that they experience much more readily than just reading or hearing about it. Some of them said that they loved to read and that they are reading “chapter books”. It is neat to see them growing in their studies and interests. I also talked with a college student who was immersed in scientific research and he also demonstrated a vivid imagination.




I am a dreamer too. I have accomplished a great deal including pioneering in assisting people to find their dreams in employment. Some of this effort included taking young mentally challenged adults into various work places to observe different jobs being performed. This was an entirely new approach at my agency.

I also enjoy writing and love to let my imagination take flight. I  have always written poetry, and If I Were President is written poetically. My poetry book, Seasons of the Heart, is soon to be published. I am also a puppeteer and have written and performed many puppet shows at church school and Vacation Bible School.

I believe children should be encouraged to dream about their future. The hard work we do every day is not just for ourselves, but for our children’s future, so we should encourage their dreams! It’s the mark of a free society when children are not expected to follow in their parent’s footsteps or fulfill their parent’s dreams, but are free to think about their own interests and dream about their own choices in life. Many children dream of their career at young ages and grow up to accomplish these goals. Exposure to a wife variety of activities, people and places encourages the child to reach out for new experiences. The rewards come when they find that some of these experiences are fun, enjoyable, and worthy of pursuit.

What did you want to be when you were a child? Do you still have a dream job or life? How do you encourage your children’s imaginations and dreams?


If I Were President

Just out:  If I Were President, a book for children of all ages.  It is the story of a young boy and his dog who experience many adventures that the boy imagines.  They include a trip to the circus, an outer space walk, a train trip from London to Scotland and back, and the fun of giving all school kids a holiday.  The boy is shadowed throughout the story by a secret service agent in sunglasses who doesn’t fare very well in some of the adventures.  The story rhymes and the illustrations are bright and enjoyable.  There is a good deal of visual humor.  This book was an adventure  to write and fun to publish.    Leila Leidtke